TRICOT is hiring associates that will work with energy.
Let’s welcome visitors from various countries at “Shin Chitose Airport”, the gateway to Hokkaido!



This store is a general souvenir shop, so we handle and sell items such as souvenir confections including Hokkaido’s famous confection Shiroi Koibito and Jagapokkuru, seafood such as horsehair crab, and farm products reflecting the four seasons of Hokkaido.
Within the city of Chitose, it is the largest-scale space for serving visitors from outside the prefecture and from overseas.



At our store, we provide smiles and a place where visitors can have a pleasant beginning and end to their journey.
It would make our staff happy if we could make your trip more enjoyable and more delicious.
Our entire staff works hard to provide excellent customer service, in hopes of hearing you say “I want to come to Hokkaido again,” or “Let’s stop at TRICOT by yamasanfujiya on our way home.” We greatly look forward to you visiting Hokkaido and our store.

Yorihiro Watanabe, Managing Director Yamasanfujiya Co., Ltd.